dilluns, 24 d’octubre de 2011

The Simpsons

The simpsons family are five persons

Marge Simpons: Is the mother’s family, she has got the blue hair.
She’s  wearing  with a green dress and green shoes and a necklace.

Homer Simpsons: He is the father,  he’s bald and fat. He’s the lazyest person of the world, all the day he’s eating, drinking beer and sitting in the sofa. He’s work in the nuclear central.
Bart simpons:  He’s  10 years old and he’s the son older.  He’s blond hair. He is a student  of the Springfield primary school. Bart likes the skate. He’s very yob.

Lisa Simpsons: She’s 8 years old, she is blond, she’s wearing a orange dress.  Lisa, is the very student the best of her school. She like play the saxophone.

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  1. debe ser muy listopara ganar este premio de literatura tan importante